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Tuesday, June 26th 2012

1:57 AM

Preteen suck girl


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From: D One
Subject: Helping Cliff "Hey man I need your help" Cliff bounded into my room. He ignored the fact I was sitting naked in front of my computer screen
and due to the way I was sitting he couldn't see my erection which I had
been stroking. "This guy is coming over and he wants something" I knew Cliff was gay. We knew lots of things about the other that one
would consider private. It preteen girls taboo wasn't only because we had one bathroom in the house shared by three
guys. We just relaxed around each other. We had been friends when living in
a dorm room. So we decided to get a place of our own rather then pledge for
frats. Besides the frats were organized and we didn't like organizations, be it
church, school or social. We three sat around the living room watching sports or films, smoking
joint and often we lounged naked. And yes we jacked off in front of bikini pic preteen each other too. "What?" I asked. Cliff didn't know I was bisexual, at least I didn't
think so. Alex the third roommate was totally straight, humping women in
his bedroom for hours and loud I might add. Cliff and I had told him about it time preteen suck girl and time again. But he kept
banging the headboard against the wall so loud we would end up downstairs,
watching TV instead of trying to sleep. Finding strange women or guys in the house in the morning happened now
and then too. Walking into the kitchen to see a partially dressed or even
naked female making breakfast wasn't odd nor was it to find a naked guy
there either. "What about you?" I was asked often. My cousin visited us and seemed to preteen spanish pussy get into the swing of things nonnude porn preteen staying
naked one entire weekend. I knew he had sex with Cliff and think he even
found a way to do something with Alex though neither one of them told me
what or how. He seemed to quiet them down even after saying we were cousins not
lovers. So they wondered but didn't ask too often. Shiela and I had sex but usually at her dorm. She was nice, tall,
athletic, and very self assured. In fact it was her to instigated our first
intimacy. I liked sex with her probably because she took charge and wanted
to do different things each time. But frankly it was like masturbating inside someone else. Even when she
put a dildo in me while straddling my cock it was orgasmic but not as
exciting as I thought it would be. "Where did you meet him?" I asked Cliff. He looked at me ped video preteen like gymnastic preteens gallery
I was nuts. "On the computer natch" he said as if I was stupid. All three of bikini pic preteen us met people on the computer. After all who didn't? There
was fantasies, mutual masturbation sessions, imageboard preteen bbs even exchange of naked photos. "Here take one of me" Alex showed up in the living room the first week we
roomed together. He was naked and handed me camera. Cliff sitting next to
me would have sucked him off right then and there, but I pushed him back on
the couch. I took photos of Alex for his website and supposed girl friend. Cliff
stripped and I took photos of him. They nagged me until I too stripped and the three of us kept hosing
around until we had group shots, joke shots and that began an ongoing
thing. There are photos of us hard, soft, wet, alone, with dates, dressing,
eating, sleeping, at our computers, covered in shaving cream and other
things. If any of us tries be be elected for an important job we're in
trouble. One some shots are on the Internet...and though they're revealing, I
guess even my mother could see them. "he wants to have sex but needs photos of it" Cliff said. "You're ok with that? He could use them for anything" I said. "So you make sure they don't show my face" Cliff said "What about lesbian photo preteen when you suck him off?" I knew that Cliff loved to suck
cock. God knows he mentioned that so often to me, I could anticipate even
his comments let alone his dating activity. "Just frame the shot so ..." Cliff said. "Fuck ok" I said acting like I was hesitant. My cock was hardening in my
hand "What's the guy like?" "UH says he's a hunk, you never know when they show up" Cliff said. A stranger. He could be an ax murderer, or even worse a fat old fart. "Oh yea he wants you naked too. Says it'll make him relax" Cliff didn't
look at me when he added this part. I jumped up letting him see that I was naked and hard. "Hell well I'm ready for him now" Cliff laughed and reminded me he liked to suck cock. I waved it in front
of him teasing him but then backed away. "Saved for Shiela" I announced. The truth was Shiela wouldn't touch it
let alone suck it. I could put it in her of course but that was it. And she
never wanted to see it cum. She didn't like the sight of a man's cum she
said. Odd. "What's goin on?" Alex appeared and saw me naked and hard. "Oh you
finally gonna let our personal fag suck you off?" "Naw he's selfish" Cliff said. Alex was clothed so he didn't have anything to offer. "Goin out" he
announced "you two have fun". I started to tell him what was going on but he was true to his word and
left immediately. "I need a drink" I said walking past Cliff's open mouth and tongue. "Me too" he followed me to the kitchen where we shared a scotch. My preteen 16 panties cock
subsided enough so by the time the door bell rang, I didn't look like I
expected anything other then to be a preteen teenies pix photographer. "Kenny come here" Cliff called. I looked around for the baseball bat in anticipation I'd be fighting some
weirdo in a few seconds. Instead I saw the tall, broad shouldered, diving champion of our
University standing in the doorway. His face was red with blushing. "Kenny this is Broadmoore, uh David Brodmoore" Cliff said. It was kind of silly seeing Cliff standing there naked and obviously
aroused formally introducing the world famous diving champion to his
equally naked and getting aroused roommate, me. I shook his hand nevertheless. "a pleasure" I stammered "seen you on uh tv, pool, uh you know" I felt
like a bumbling fan. "yea ped video preteen
yea, good drinks!" He said moving into the room. "I'll get it" I offered and poured him a scotch and myself more. When I returned David was getting naked while Cliff sat on the ottoman
sipping his drink. I handed the hunk his drink. "This is going to be fun" David said "I'm tired of guys just acting like
I was some kind of uh you know thing!" he drank a big gulp. "You two get it on all the time two, I hope? That's hot." preteen nudist xxx
He asked his
eyes going back and forth between Cliff and me. "Oh yea whenever we want to" Cliff stood and looked at me to play along. I had decided moments ago to do whatever it took, so I leaned forward
grabbed Cliffs boner and kissed him. "yea we're not lovers, but fuck buddies and always welcome others to join
in" I added enjoying the sight of David's cock rising. Cliff looked dazed
at my sudden willingness and creative response. "Uh good, I was kidding about the photos, can't afford to have that
happen. I didn't know how to uh get a threesome goin, but when you said
Cliff interrupted "yea we understand, want to hang out here or my
room. Beds a little small" "Does the couch fold out?" David asked looking down. It did and we did and all three of us were on it quicker then a twelve
year old cums the first time in his life. The cock tasted good. I should say cocks, cause I preteens nude pic
didn't hesitate to
touch, lick and suck both their cocks. David and Cliff did the same to us
and there was no inhibitions all around. By the time Alex came in the front door, we had fucked and sucked each
other and were taking a break watching one of Alex bisexual porn tapes. "God glad you guys are up. I'm so horny I could have sex with the
refrigerator" He said not noticing who all were laying naked intertwined
together. He pulled his shirt and shorts off revealing he wasn't just
talking. "Fucking cunt wouldn't even kiss me" "You guys want beers?" he yelled from the kitchen. Handing out three bottles, Alex stared at our third. "Fuck me, you're David Broadmoore." He said. "Yes I am and yes I'll fuck you if you fuck me" David said. Our threeway became preteen pregnantsex a foursome. Bi, gay, straight, famous or not, we
didn't care. The four of us exchanged sperm and saliva in everyway we
could. I had David's cock in my ass, Alex cock in my mouth and Cliff's mouth on
my cock. David squatted on my cock while Alex shovcd his cock in the same hole
from the front while Cliff kissed the athelte's mouth, nursed his tits and
sucked his cock. Cliff had each of us take turns on his butt until he came without even
touching his cock. We rested awhile. It was very late. We didn't care. Likewise we didn't
care about being tired, sweaty or stinking preteen budding beauty
with cum. We drank, kissed
fondled and at the sight of the first hard cock found ways to satisfy each
other again. The morning light woke us. Usually I wake up with a very hard cock so
hard, that I had been tempted to go to Cliff's room for the much promised
blow job. But that morning I was limp. So was our guest and roommates. But I didn't
care leaning very and sucking on his thick noodle hoping it would harden. "Ain't gonna work, you guys tired me out" David said "besides I gotta do
laps and dive" he stood and looked around for his clothes. "Wanna come with ?" he asked. Spending the morning in our Speedos with the famous David Broadmoore was
almost as exciting as the night before..especially cause he added. "Afterwards maybe we can come back here, lunch and fuck the rest of the
day and night again" I believe that good roommates help each other. So that's why I helped
Cliff out that time. After all I'm bi, not gay. But I'll gladly help Cliff and Alex out anytime they need it. As for
David, he's considering becoming our fourth roommate. We're not sure lesbian photo preteen
he's gonna sleep but I'm sure we'll figure that out and gladly help him out
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Tuesday, June 26th 2012

12:00 AM

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